Small Local Honey


Sourced from Chicago beekeeper Bee-utiful Honey & Candles!

Try this smaller size jar of honey - a natural sweetener that is packed with nutrients, healthy sugars, minerals, and antioxidents. Honey is a pantry essential for every kitchen. We are excited to offer the highest quality, locally produced honey from Chicago-based Bee-utiful Honey & Candles. Use it to sweeten your coffee, drizzle over apple slices for dessert, or mix into a salad dressing.

Product Information

1 - 4 oz Jar of Honey


Interested in a larger size? Try our Large Local Honey

Benefits of Local Honey:

  • Food is fresher, tastier, and healthier because it does not require the same added preservatives or chemicals for long-distance transportation
  • Local bees are great for Chicago's environment, helping to pollinate flowers and keep us green