Great Affordable Food For All

Top Box Foods is a community-based non-profit with a simple purpose: to offer a variety of delicious and healthy boxes of food at affordable prices.



We are not a grocery store, farmers market or food bank. We are a year-round resource for anyone who wants to bring affordable and healthy food home and help their neighbors to do the same.

Healthy food matters. Where you live shouldn't.

The story of Top Box Foods starts with its founders: Sheila and Chris Kennedy.


Chris Kennedy, son of Ethel and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was taught early in life that a man should truly measure his worth on how he has served his community. Sheila Berner Kennedy, Chris’s wife and co-founder of Top Box Foods, was raised with similar values. Her mother dedicated skills and tenderness for 25 years as a social worker at Howard Area Community Center in Chicago, where there is now a building named in her honor. Chris and Sheila have worked tirelessly over the years on social justice issues. Both served on the board of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which Chris also chaired. Together they share the passion to improve the lives of others and help those who struggle to provide vital nutrition for their families.

Started in May of 2012, Top Box Foods has been delivering the mission of creating access to healthy and affordable foods by working with communities in Chicago and Lake County, IL as well as in New Orleans, LA.

The Model

We are a social business, and our unique and innovative model of getting healthy and affordable grocery boxes to food-insecure neighborhoods differentiates itself from a grocery store, farmers market, and food bank. Top Box Foods is a year-round resource for affordable, nutritious fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins for anyone and everyone who want to bring healthy food home, and help their neighbors do the same.

As a non-profit community-based organization, Top Box Foods focuses its work in food deserts to increase access to healthy and affordable food with the help of great neighborhood partners, the crucial involvement of volunteers, and generous corporate sponsors.

The Future

Top Box Foods sells high quality food for up to 40% less than retail. The bigger the Top Box Foods community grows, the more purchasing power we have, and the better savings we can offer.  Every day we grow a little stronger and are reaching out to more people to share in the benefits of saving money and eating healthy. Healthy food matters, where you live shouldn't.